Welcome to the home of Southern Geekfest!
The main goal of Southern Geekfest is to bring pop culture interest to Hattiesburg, MS and to provide a forum to attract an amazingly broad spectrum of exciting and talented individuals who cover the fields of television, movies, graphic art, and writing.

This event brings together actors, artists, writers, radio personalities, cosplayers and many others, to showcase their craft and to interact with fans and dedicated fan groups.

Southern Geekfest is the first of its kind in the Southern MS Pine Belt, and is dedicated to the dream of entertaining all those who come from not just Mississippi, but from all over the country. People from all walks of life are encouraged to come and have fun and be the hero (or heroine) you want to be!

Thanks for dropping by and email us if you have any questions!


Our vendor spaces will be filled soon, thank you guys for being so supportive!

If you would like a spot, now would be a good time to get one!

Email southerngeekfest@gmail.com for more details.


With another great Coastcon coming to an end, SGF would like to thank all the different organizations and fandoms who took the time to visit our table and spent time asking about what we do, and who we are.

We love interacting with everyone and it was a great privilege to be hosted at such a great convention....Many thanks also goes out to those who volunteered their time and efforts in helping get SGF up and running once we arrived. We definitely appreciate all of your help and cooperation in ensuring that everything was good to-go.

To show our thanks to the con-goers, we will be posting pics of the event here on this website. The link to the gallery will be up every shortly....Again, thanks to everyone and see you at the next con!


Don't miss out on the Southern Geekfest Film Festival!

The Southern Geekfest Film Festival will be a highly entertaining event that will be taking place during the convention.

The event will be a showcase of many films, some of which will be seen for the very first time!

Make sure not to miss out on this great event, and don't forget to bring your popcorn!

For more info about what films will be shown at the SGF Film Festival, click on the "SGF Film Festival 2017" link located on the menu.

SGF 2017 Tickets

Tickets for Southern Geekfest 2017 are now on sale!

Avoid the hassle and wait of long lines by ordering them here.

To buy your tickets, click on the ticket page located on the menu. From there, click on the link and you will be taken straight to the event ordering page.

Don't miss out on this great event, Southern Geekfest will be here before you know it!


Keep checking back to see who will be a part of Southern Geekfest.

You never know who may show up!


If you are a vendor and would like to have a table at SGF, go to the VENDOR link above and download the application from the links provided.

SGF Fan Groups and Organization Table Application

Have a group or organization that you would like to show at Southern Geekfest?

We encourage all groups to come and be a part of the comic-con festivities!

If you would like to request a spot at SGF, please click the link below to download the Fan Group Table Application.

Fan Group Table Application

Once you have completed the application, please submit to southerngeekfest@gmail.com for review.

We look forward to seeing all participants, so apply today!

SGF 2017 Volunteer Application

At Southern Geekfest, volunteers are the real heroes, and you don't need any superpowers to take part in our wonderful community.

If you would like to volunteer at SGF, then please download the application from the link provided below.

SGF 2017 Volunteer Application

Once you have completed filling out the application, you may send it via email to southerngeekfest@gmail.com.

By volunteering your time and talents, you are ensuring that all who come to Southern Geekfest will have a wonderful and unforgettable time!


Southern Geekfest 2 is in the works, and we would like you to be a part of it.

Want to reserve a vendor table, volunteer or reserve a spot as a media guest?

No problem. We welcome all who would like to be a part of this great event.

Just email us if you have any questions!

More info to come!


The days have now changed for Southern Geekfest 2017.

The new dates are May 20-21, 2017.

Be sure to mark it on your calendar!


Can't get to a computer?

We have a mobile page that can you can check out on your cell phone.

You can also keep updated on your ipad and other tablets as well.

Keep checking back for more updates!

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