SGF Film Festival 2017


A short film comedy about the classic monsters in a group therapy session coming to terms with the fact that they aren't scary anymore.

Director: Jeremy London
Stars: Brian O'Halloran, Juliet Reeves,
Lory Tom Thompson Sr


A dark comedy short-film adapted for the screen from the original story written by author/producer Alexander S. Brown.

Director: Chuck Jett
Stars: Kat Axtell, Kevin Perkins, Chris Copeskey, Alexander S Brown, Sylvia Quirk-Brown, Chelsea Downs


A man with a peculiar telekinetic ability is approached by a young woman with a bizarre request.

Director: Frank Ladner
Stars: Dallas T. Taylor, Jessy Hughes, Mary Etta Moody, Thomas Burton, Mark Forte


When a family farm is threatened by three criminals, after a getaway goes wrong, a supernatural force from the fields comes to life and takes it's revenge in the form of three scarecrows.

Director: Joey Crocker
Stars: Jessy Hughes, John R Mangus, Foster Borne, Chris Copeksy, Kat Axtell


A man and a young boy form an unbreakable bond while enduring the struggles of a post-apocalyptic reality.

Director: Michael Anglin
Stars: Jerome Andries, Peyton Wich


When a disgraced teacher reveals a secret about her past, she unwittingly unleashes the darkest secret yet.

Director: Sean Riley
Stars: Elaitheia Quinn, Bart Elliott, Kebron Woodfin


Coping with the death of a spouse from a fatal disease is never easy. Sometimes, you never move on with your life. Dr. Phillip Harris tries his best to get on with his life after his beloved wife, Laura passes away. He gets help from a new love interest and seems to be making real progress..Until he discovers his lover's infidelity. Phillip proceeds on a downward spiral of self deprivation, which forces him to seek closure...Well, something resembling 'closure' in his mind.

Director: Charles Walter Jett
Stars: Josh Maurice Powell, Brooke August, Laura Cooley,
Kevin Perkins


Andy & Steve decide to start a life of crime after a bookie sends a very large enforcer to collect on a gambling debt.

Director: Kevin Brinn
Stars: Jeff Richards, Craig Sawyer, Jackson Bond Jr.,
John Del Regno, Chi Chi Navarro

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