Coming soon will be the Gulf Coast Fan Fest.

GCFF will arrive in Biloxi on 13-14 October and Rafe, tim and the rest of the gang will be there doing their thing.

Be sure to come check out the table and see what’s going on and say hello to everyone.

Can’t wait to see you there!


Thanks from Southern Geekfest!

A sincere and heartfelt thanks goes out from all of us at SGF, to all the artists, writers, cosplayers, media guests, volunteers, and to everyone who came out to show their support this year.

Southern Geekfest is a growing event that will continue to strive to bring the best of all mediums and genres to you, and will continue to work hard to make the event as fun, memorable, and exciting as possible.

Your continued support is vitally essential, and we are thankful for all those who came out to Hattiesburg to be part of something that everyone can enjoy.

Thanks to you all, and see you next year!

Web Page Update

As a few may know, there have been some issues in regards to things, such as uploading pics and editing them for the galleries. As always, you have been patient and understanding. I will continue to try to update the page as time and resources permit. Thanks again for your indulgence and have a great day!


Welcome to the home of Southern Geekfest!
The main goal of Southern Geekfest is to bring pop culture interest to Hattiesburg, MS and to provide a forum to attract an amazingly broad spectrum of exciting and talented individuals who cover the fields of television, movies, graphic art, and writing.

This event brings together actors, artists, writers, radio personalities, cosplayers and many others, to showcase their craft and to interact with fans and dedicated fan groups.

Southern Geekfest is the first of its kind in the Southern MS Pine Belt, and is dedicated to the dream of entertaining all those who come from not just Mississippi, but from all over the country. People from all walks of life are encouraged to come and have fun and be the hero (or heroine) you want to be!

Thanks for dropping by and email us if you have any questions!


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Keep checking back for more updates!

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